Virgin Logo1. How Much Does It Cost To Connect To The Virgin Media Network In The London Tube Stations?

It is free to access the Virgin Media WiFi Portal, which has all the latest travel news for the Underground as well as information about London. However, for full internet access there are charges

  • 1 day- £2.00
  • 1 week- £5.00
  • 1 month- £15.00

These charges don’t apply to Virgin mobile and home broadband customers. Also, EE, O2 and Vodafone customers are able to use the service for free too, but customers of these networks should double check with their service provider for T&C’s.

2. What Is My Virgin Media?

My Virgin Media is an online portal that provides Virgin Media customers with a range of services. These include the oppertunity to

  • Pay via QuickPay
  • Check the Service Status for your area
  • Get assistance via the Help Sections
  • Visit the Help Forums
  • Look at your latest bill on the Billing Pages
  • Set up a Direct Debit
  • Upgrade your broadband
  • Access my Apps
  • Add extra mailboxes
  • Set up a webspace

3. Do You Have Any Tips For Choosing A Strong Password For My Account?

Strong passwords for Virgin Media accounts have some common factors that make them especially difficult to crack. Here are some hints for setting up a secure password:

  • Use a combination of upper and lower case letter
    • For extra security, use them randomly liKE tHis
  • Be between 8 and 10 characters long
  • Start with a letter
  • Don’t use any special characters such as #&@*!
  • Include at least one number
  • Don’t use common words, such as holiday
  • Don’t have 3 letters in a row
  • Try to not use any real words in your password, use codes instead

Some people prefer to set up a code so that certain letters are represented by a number, such as replacing any “e” and with 3. However, please make sure you can remember your password!

4. Can I Have A Set Top Box In More Than One Room?

You can have up to 3 set top boxes anywhere in your house. This may impact on your monthly costs and it is best if you ring the Virgin Media Contact number for all of the accurate details for your situation.

Virgin Media Logo5. What Is Virgin TV Anywhere?

Virgin TV Anywhere allows Virgin Media TV customers to watch TV over a WiFi connection on their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Tablet/Phone. Basically, you can watch TV without needing a TV.

You can also use your computer, laptop, Mac or netbook to use Virgin TV Anywhere. There are additional benefits if you are a TiVo customer.

6. How Long Do I Have To Keep Any Additional Channels I Have Purchased?

If you order any extra channels from Virgin Media, you will be expected to keep them for at least a minimum of 30 days. You can cancel channels by ringing the Virgin Media Contact number.

7. How Do I Sign Into My Virgin Media?

You can sign into My Virgin Media by using your Virgin Media email/the email you used when you registered as your username, and the password you used when you registered.

8. How Do I Check Which Services Will Be Available When I Move House?

Go to “store.virgin.media.com”, enter your new postcode in the “What services can I get?” box. Once you have done this, make sure you let Virgin Media know you’re moving.

9. How Do I Find Out The Current Balance Of My Account?

You can see how much you have used since your last bill by logging into My Virgin Media and selecting “My bills” followed by “Overview”.

10. How Do I Disconnect My Services?

If you decide to leave, you must give Virgin Media 30 days notice.