Virgin Media to release 4K set-top box


Virgin Media has confirmed the upcoming release of its new set-top box to replace TiVo later this year. The new box will be able to support 4K Ultra HD video in addition to its other functions.

Speaking to What Hi-Fi this week, Virgin Media’s spokesman said “Virgin Media will release a new set top box later this year, and it will support Ultra-HD video. Before that happens, however, we’ll be upgrading the existing TiVo box to make the menus more slick and more picture-oriented.”

The TiVo boxes, released in 2011, are seriously overdue on an upgrade, but the main reason for the new urgency is likely to be Sky’s release of the Sky Q package, which rival’s Virgin’s offerings. The Sky Q Silver box is able to run 4K HD video, comes with 2TB of storage integrated, and has 12 tuners which allow customers to watch live TV while recording multiple other channels at the same time!

Meanwhile, BT is offering a 4K HD box as a part of it’s elite Total Entertainment Package, and was the first UK TV-provider to do so – so Virgin Media finally jumping on the bandwagon is to be expected at this point if they want to compete.

Word on the street is that the new Virgin Media box will work similarly to the way Sky Q’s “fluid viewing” does, allowing customers to pause a TV programme in one room, and resume watching it in a different room entirely. It’s also believed to be working on improving the “series link” feature seen before, which will find other programmes in a series if the customer wants, even pulling them in from the likes of Netflix and other online streaming services.

However, besides the odd rumour, there’s not much to go on as to what the new 4K box will involve – for all we know, it may not even be related to the TiVo box! Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

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