Virgin Media Customer Service Contact Number

0844 826 0291

Virgin Media LogoAre you looking for the Virgin Media contact number?

Do you have an issue with your Virgin Media subscription?

Do you have a fault with your service?

Do you have a question about your bill?

You can call Virgin Media customer service telephone number to get help with any issues you may have.

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides landline and mobile telephone services as well as television and broadband internet to subscribers in the UK. Virgin Media was the first to offer all of these services in one package.

The company also operates its own cable network, delivering broadband with speeds of up to 120mb. It also has the most advanced interactive television service, using a TiVo box to bring thousands of hours of on-demand TV to users.

Virgin Media knows that digital technology is at the forefront of everyone’s lives, which is why they are committed to providing the best support and guidance possible. If you need help with anything, from setting up your device to advice on what to do when you move house, you can find the answers online or if you prefer, by calling the Virgin Media Contact Number.

What Services Does Virgin Media Offer?

Virgin Media offers its users services for

  • TV packages
  • Home and business broadband
  • Fixed phone lines
  • A mobile phone network that works in conjunction with EE, the largest mobile phone network in the UK.

All the services can be taken up as single services or as parts of bundles. You may find it works out cheaper to move all your services to Virgin Media than to pay separately to two different companies.

TiVo logoVirgin Media TV

Virgin Media TV is offered through a range of different deals and combinations. You can get either a V HD Box, 500GB TiVo box or a 1TB TiVo box and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, including price, recording space and extra features. If you opt for a TiVo box, you will have access to social networking apps, catch up TV apps and Netflix is available directly via the box.

If you choose to opt in for a Virgin Media TV package, you also have to option to take up Sky Sports channel packages or Sky Movies deals. Certain combinations give customers hours of On Demand content and Catch Up TV.

Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband offers some of the fastest speeds available in the broadband market. It has won a plethora of awards for its internet services and officially offers the fastest broadband in the United Kingdom. You can get Virgin Media Broadband completely on its own with no phone line, or its is available as part of a combination of deals with a phone line, TV packages, or a Virgin Mobile SIM card.

Virgin Media Mobile

Virgin Media Mobile offers a number of discounted deals for existing Virgin Media customers. There are Pay Monthly contracts available, as well as Pay As You Go deals available after topping up with £10 or £15. Most of the latest handset are on offer for Pay Monthly contracts, including iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy range and Sony and Nokia handsets.

Why Would I Need To Use The Virgin Media Contact Number?

You could need to speak to a member of Virgin Media’s customer support team for  number of reasons. These include:

  • If you have a fault with your service.
  • To upgrade your service.
  • If you don’t think you are getting the correct internet speed
  • If you are awaiting cable installation.
  • Get help with your billing and accounts.
  • Make a payment.
  • Let Virgin Media know you’re moving home.
  • To make a complaint to customer service.
  • Report an internet security concern.
  • Add a service to your subscription.
  • Cancel your subscription.

Who Can Get Assistance From The Virgin Media Helpline?

The Virgin Media Helpline can give support to those with queries relating to a wide range of topics, including:

  • Poor or no connection
  • Upgrading your current bundle
  • Problems paying your bill
  • How to cancel your contract
  • Informing Virgin Media you are moving home
  • Removing a premium service, such as Sky Movies or Sports
  • Problems with your TiVo box
  • Adding a premium service

What Services Can I Get From Virgin Media?

Virgin Media offers

  • TV packages and premium channels
  • Home and business broadband
  • Fixed home phone lines
  • A mobile phone network that is part of EE

TV From Virgin Medias

Virgin Media offers a range of TV services that can come with either a V HD Box or a TiVo 500GB or 1TB Box. There are also options to include Sky Sports, BT Sports and Sky Movies as well.

The TV packages can be purchased as part of their bundles too, which can include a landline connection and broadband service.

Broadband From Virgin Media

Virgin Media’ Broadband services are one of the fastest available in the country and has won numerous awards for its speed and quality in recent years.

Offering speeds of up to 152MB a second, it is easy to see why it would win these awards, and you can find out if the service is available in your area by ringing the Virgin Media Helpline.

Virgin Media Mobile Services

Virgin Media customers can get exclusive rates for Pay Monthly Virgin Mobile contracts. There are also a range of the latest handset available, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices and selection of Sony and Nokia Smartphones.

Virgin Mobile also offers some fantastic Pay As You Go deals, including Big Data & Texts that gives you 3000 texts and 1GB of data for topping up £10 a month and 3000 texts with 3GB of data for a £15 top up. There is also the Big Talk tariff, which for a £10 top up give you Unlimited UK landline calls and 120 UK mobile minutes and for 1 £15 top up you get an additional 3000 texts.

Virgin Media Products and Services

Virgin Media Services include Broadband, Mobile, TV and Phone. At the forefront of digital innovation, these award winning services are constantly improving and their Broadband has recently been ‘supercharged’, meaning that the slowest speed that they now offer is 50MB.

Virgin Media TV Services can be provided complete with a TiVo box that will let you pause, rewind and record live TV. It also recommends shows based on your viewing habits.

If you have any questions about the products or services offered by Virgin Media, including adding and removing extra features such as Sky Sports, upgrading your package, connection problems or just general enquiries, you will find a representative on the Virgin Media Helpline who is waiting to give you assistance with your query.